Holy crap, ‘Alcatraz,’ that’s some seriously good TV you’re putting out there!

Wow, I have to say that last night’s Alcatraz really sucked me right in. Last week I was more “we’ll give this another try.” This week, I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.

I decided about half way through the episode that if they let the kid die, I wouldn’t watch any more no matter how good it was. I just can’t handle that kind of thing. Even though saving the kid was more predictable, I don’t care. It cemented the fact that our main characters are heroes, and now that the kid has been saved they are free to mess things up a time or two in the future.

The whole deal with Doc was a little weird again (you know, how he’s all of a sudden an FBI agent in the midst of a top-secret case, even though he’s really a comic book writer, that deal?) Last night he pretty much single-handedly solved the case based on the bad guy’s love of cherry pie and the fact that he used to work for a company that made bomb shelters. But, hey, maybe he just missed his calling and was made to be an FBI detective. Who am I to judge?

Speaking of Jorge Garcia, he did a really good job portraying Doc’s vulnerable/serious side in last night’s episode. It was a lot different than what we used to see from Hurley.

One really cool and understated thing about the episode was Dr. Beauregard. He was the doctor at Alcatraz and is now working in the FBI’s secret new jail. Very interesting. Kind of like Lucy. I guess we are to conclude that the entire staff of Alcatraz has come back unaged as well?

All in all, last night’s episode of Alcatraz was very Lost meets Haven, and I totally dug it. I’m officially a fan.


Author: smallscreensadie

I am a shameless lover of television. If you blog about TV as well, let me know and I'll check it out!

7 thoughts on “Holy crap, ‘Alcatraz,’ that’s some seriously good TV you’re putting out there!”

  1. There were some genuinely creepy moments during the second episode. The match lighting scene in the flashback was fairly intense. I wasn’t sold on the pilot, but I like it now.

    1. Agreed! I really enjoyed the flashbacks, as well. The warden was just plain creepy.

      It was a good idea to go with the whole child murderer thing on the second episode, because if anything is going to freak viewers out, it’s that. Totally worked on me.

      1. Do you think that’s why they showed the episode OUT OF SEQUENCE?? I was confused because Lucy has been shot, but we never saw it. My husband said it was only in the preview, but you don’t get key info in previews. (He doesn’t watch TV like normal people like us.) Then I saw the DVR info–Monday was ep 3!!! Watch for ep 2 at 10p CST Saturday night.

        I am SOLD on Alcatraz!

      2. Oh, no, Donna! You missed an episode! “Ernest Cobb” (the one where Lucy is shot,) was on directly following the pilot. You can watch the whole thing on Hulu if you don’t want to wait for Saturday! I’m sold, too.

      3. Thanks! I know what happened–I forgot about the pilot, so I recorded it that following Saturday night. At least I’ll be caught up quickly. Don’tcha hate when you have to watch several back episodes to catch up on a show?

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